Johnson & Johnson announces on stopping the sale of whitening creams in India:Top Stories

June 20, 2020 06:17
Johnson & Johnson announces on stopping the sale of whitening creams in India:

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With the whole racial inequality debate and protests going online, any companies were targeted on the sale of their lightening creams and were ridiculed for still promoting Fair skin tone. Johnson and Johnson has announced that they are dropping the sale and production of all their creams which promise skin lightening and whitening to the consumers especially in Asia and Middle-East where this is worth millions of dollars.

Everyone in the world is aware of the Johnson and Johnson brand for its diverse consumer healthcare products. Every store in the country has products manufactured and produced by Johnson and Johnson. From its skin care line, baby care line, oral care line, women related health products and many more. It is a household name especially In India. In India it is specifically popular for its baby care line. Johnson and Johnson make a business of over 5000 crore in India every year.

In recent week skin lightening and brightening products have come under renewed social pressure because of the racial inequality protests. The companies have been facing scrutiny over these products for a long time now. But due to recent events in The United States of America where George Floyd was killed by a police personnel on the basis of his race there started long protests on Black Lives Matter in the country and around the world. People from all races, colors, castes and creeds have been standing up and speaking about the racial stereotypes happening in the world for centuries.

Seeing all the scrutiny which has been directed towards them, Johnson and Johnson took a big step and announced yesterday that their clean and clear line of products will be stopped from sale across India. Not just that earlier this month they also announced of dropping the sale of their Neutrogena fairness line across Asia and Middle-east. They also mentioned that it was never their intention to promote any skin tone as superiority and that they believe healthy skin is the best irrespective of the complexion of their skin tone.

The healthcare and wellness brand said that they would no longer produce, manufacture of ship any such products, but they also added that they might still be available in the stores till the stock runs out. After the food brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben who have also announced to stop the sale of their products in accordance to the racial stereotypes, J&J took a big step and hopefully all the other big companies like P&G, Unilever, L’Oreal and many others take the necessary steps.

According to an international report by Euro monitor International, around 6,277 tonnes of skin lightener was sold last year. These products were not just fairness creams but also were marketed in the form of anti-ageing products, products targeting dark spots and many more.

Apart from the racial inequality these skins also indirectly promote the gender inequality and market such products specifically to just women around the world.

By Deepika Agarwal

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