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  • Coronavirus vaccine latest, Coronavirus in UK, real reasons why covid cases are rising among the vaccinated people, Winter

    Real Reasons Why Covid Cases Are Rising Among the Vaccinated People 2021-07-24 09:32:45

    In a shocking revelation, UK's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance announced that 40 percent of the people who are admitted in hospitals in recent times have received both doses of coronavirus vaccination. This created tremors all over and there...

    Keywords: Coronavirus vaccine new updates, Coronavirus vaccine efficacy, Coronavirus vaccine percentage, Coronavirus vaccine breaking news

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    Beijing pollution, Beijing smog, china s beijing shuts roads and playgrounds due to heavy smog, Winter

    China's Beijing Shuts Roads and Playgrounds due to Heavy Smog 2021-11-05 12:46:32

    China which was shattered with coronavirus is slowly recovering. The schools, colleges, playgrounds and the national highways in the capital Beijing are closed from Friday due to the heavy pollution after China ramped up the production of coal. The leaders...

    Keywords: Beijing pollution shut, Beijing smog, Beijing pollution latest updates, Beijing pollution breaking news

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    Coronavirus booster dose, Covid vaccine protection latest, protection of covid vaccine wanes within six months, Winter

    Protection of Covid Vaccine Wanes within Six Months 2021-09-01 06:02:47

    Several countries conducted research about the lasting of antibodies in the human body. The latest finding says that several countries are keen to suggest a booster dose for the fully vaccinated. This move was opposed by the World Health Organization...

    Keywords: AstraZeneca, Covid vaccine protection breaking news, Coronavirus booster dose, Coronavirus booster dose

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    products, products, 10 products for you and your home because winter is here, Winter

    10 Products For You And Your Home Because Winter Is Here 2020-12-12 10:06:58

    Deck the halls of your home with these essential, cute and classy winter products to put your home and family in the winter spirit. Since it might be difficult to go out during the pandemic, we have made a list...

    Keywords: shopping, Winter, winter season, products

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    Japan, Europe, 7 clothing stores from around the world which offer worldwide shipping, Winter

    7 Clothing Stores From Around The World Which Offer Worldwide Shipping 2020-12-11 05:37:32

    Winter is here and this means it’s time to re-do your wardrobe! But with the pandemic, it might be difficult to go to malls and even if you go, you might not find something you like. But do not worry...

    Keywords: UK, Clothing, UK, UK

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    Jupiter, sky watching, the conjunction of jupiter and saturn after 400 years, Winter

    The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn- after 400 years 2020-12-21 05:29:15

    Apart from the conjunction that took place 400 years ago, after this long period- Jupiter and Saturn will be conjuring again. For the first time in 800 years however, the alignment will occur at night. The conjunction will take place...

    Keywords: sky watching, Saturn, sky watching, space

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