13 Unique Qualities of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t HandleWomen

July 01, 2019 10:57
13 Unique Qualities of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t Handle

We would have at least once come across a strong woman in our lives who is difficult to handle yet every man wants to date one.

But you might be wondering: What are the characteristics of a strong woman and what really makes them strong?   

Here are 10 unique characteristics of a woman that every strong woman possesses:

1. She Stands up for Herself and Others Too   

Strong women are vocal, especially when others treat them ill. They have a strong sense of ethics, thus when an injustice has taken place, they will by all odds opine. They are not afraid to call people out, especially when those people go against their beliefs. Strong women never hesitate to express themselves.

2. She Knows What She Wants

She takes time to get to know herself and cognizes on the nose what she wants in life. There isn’t any self-doubt or hesitation, if she wants something, she gets it. She also won’t rely on other people to carry through her desires. She realizes that attachments are fraught with danger.

3. She is an Effective Leader

Strong women make fantabulous supervisors, managers, and community leaders as they can see the big picture as they keep everyone on track to run into their goals. They have solid work ethics and will make certain that everyone completes tasks. They are able to with all respect express their expectations and are cocksure enough to inspire others to follow their lead.

4. She Respects Honesty and Vulnerability

She isn’t emotionally cold rather couldn’t be further from the truth. She embraces all of her emotions, as well as the negative ones. Strong women understand that accepting emotions is the sole way you can genuinely move on. She’s downright with others and she expects the same in return. However, she also realizes that nothing in the universe is clean, and is tolerant with those who are in bad moods or who are anxious or nervous.

5. She Will Not Shy Away from Intimacy   

A strong woman is not scared of getting close to a person. She’s all about those feel-good vibes. After all, she realizes that being genuine with herself and what she desires in life is the only liberating way to live. However, she won’t attach herself to any man unless he’s genuinely the right guy because she knows that there are plenty of guys out there that can fulfill that role.

6. She Is Intellectually, Emotionally and Mentally Mature

Strong women have come across a lot in life and their experiences have only made them stronger. They have enlightened to use their past experiences to beef up themselves in the present. Strong women approach life with knowledge and insight because they’ve learned from their mistakes and nonachievements. They know how to control their emotions, but they also aren’t afraid to “let it all out” when they need help.

7. She May Be a Human Lie Detector   

Lie to a strong woman and you’re in peril. Honesty is one of her most valued attributes and anybody who doesn’t abide will feel her wrath. She sees through fake commitments, pretentious behavior, and excuses. If you can’t be wholly honest with her, then she’ll merely cut you out of her life.

8. She Can Be Hard to Handle

She’s been able to get through all the life’s ups and downs by embracing all/ She’s not afraid to share her point of view passionately, which can be challenging for some people to handle. Her emotions and views are something she wants to show with pride - no hush-hush, no hiding.  

9. She Knows Her Worth and Yours Too  

If you respect her and treat her in a right manner, she’ll go through the snake pits for you. She admires people who have honesty. But if you cross her, she won’t be afraid to get rid of you. She’s in control of her own life.

10. She Will Show You Who You Are and What You Can Be  

A strong woman will study you and get to know you for who you are. As soon as she has figured you out, she’ll tell you what unbelievable potential you have. This can be hard-bitten for a man to handle, but it can also be a boon because she’ll inspire you to be all that you can be.

With her level of freedom, honesty, power and profound passion, only a man with integrity and respect can handle her. Anyone else is free to leave, as she is more than surefooted of flying with happiness unaccompanied.

11. She Doesn’t Hesitate to Walk Away

Strong women decline to let in people who don’t add to their happiness. They will push aside anyone who only gives off toxic energy. Once they feel that you no more add value to their lives, strong women will walk away, regardless of how long you’ve known them.

12. She Lives in the Moment   

Strong women realize that the past is done and the present moment is the only thing that matters. They think that the present creates the future they want. They focus on the present and work hard and stick to their goals. Strong women know that if they live a fulfilling present, they can create the future of their dreams.

13. She Will Be Away from Drama   

Strong women utterly hate drama and will try to avoid it at all costs. They don’t have time for drama and shade, so they like to talk about meaningful matters.

By Sowmya Sangam

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