Take all joy in reading out to kidsRelationship

November 18, 2015 07:43
Take all joy in reading out to kids},{Take all joy in reading out to kids

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Parents have joy in reading out to kids. This usually starts with books with pictures during bed time. Slowly parents may move on to stories with or without images. As time passes, your child may read on himself. But, don’t stop your habit of reading to your kids. Children rejoice while they listen to our voice. They like the images that we give to our characters, our intonations and the way we read out.

Read together
Once the schools begin, there will be a lot to read together. This certainly helps in building bonds and relationships. Constant connection with your child through dialogue connects you with your kids amazingly, especially when kids enter the school environment. The best part of reading is that it connects home and school. This means, your kids do not get into the frame that home and school are totally different and unrelated environments.

When to stop reading to Kids?
There is no particular time to stop reading to your kids. Actually, you don’t have to stop from it as long as your child continues to enjoy it. This is nothing less than a musical sound to your kids. You may not realize, but yes, it is an amazing piece of rhythm to those little ears, taking all the stress out. Not necessarily, you have to read to them during bed time. Frankly, morning times are even more healthy and pleasant to read out, in case your little stars are early risers. Even reading after the school is a good time. In fact, parents know the better time for reading, as no one else know well about the time when their child needs more time from parent.

Encourage your kids to read to you
Give your child time and see if he can read few words. Once he is able to do it, you can encourage the kid to read out to you as you sit back enjoying and helping the little one. Oh Yes, please remember that it should definitely not be like home work or test. Here, reading is just talking and as a parent you have to listen, carefully and completely. Obviously, your child will enjoy reading to you only if you attentively listen, without judging.    

Read to each other
You can develop the habit of listening and sharing each other’s view, by reading to each other. So, read to each other. Mother, Father, child, each of you pick a line or Para or page to read. It will be joyful to see the tones and vibrancy with which each of you read out. It is an amazing way of giving and receiving. Interesting part of it is, you will laugh together, get scared together, and feel sad together. Isn’t it a great way to get closer to each other? Happy reading!


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