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November 25, 2014 12:14
Couples good habits for healthy relationship},{Couples good habits for healthy relationship

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Compliments which brings your partner more closer to you, complement at least once a day how hot and handsome You are ,belive me when you say this defenitly he will feel happy and also seniti too and he will show the love by saying thank you or love even tears may…

Every couple should hold each other once before going to bed or early in the morning. This is a wonderful way to start and end your day . though you hug before going to the office or at the end of the day but this this is a focused moment to consciously share with your partner.

Kiss good bye should be daily basis a practice for couples, when your guy is leaving to office at time saying bye stand at the door and wave hand saying before reaching the gate he may turn and run to you to say that you looking pretty and will kiss you and say bye. just think of it one I am saying it because it happened to me.

Have a pillow talk while you are on bed discuss about the day at work, your concerns ,you futreand pretty much anything else you want to get off your chests becauseit is the precious time that you spend that you are spending relaxing.

Be happy to see you partner, whether it is first thing in the morning or when you walk through the door in the evening. Too many couples let the day wear them down and then 'dump' on their partner as soon as they see them. Your spouse is not your emotional garbage can. This might feel artificial at first, but try it. It will be infectious and will change the dynamic or your relationship.

Take a walk together for five to ten minutes at night,the walk is necessary because your laptop, phones and work distractions and you can talk about the day openly, your thoughts, your frustrations. The ten minutes walk helps you to avoid misunderstanding and stress.

Start the day in a right way give a walk till some point so that his and your day goes one well and day start to gather.

Text your loved one its really good, texting little love messages throughout the day. We all know little things we can do that our partners would like, so couples can engage in any of these small behaviors to influence the environment in a relationship.

AW: Arun Kumar

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