Why we shouldn't rush in for relationship?Relationship

November 06, 2014 09:43
Why we shouldn't rush in for relationship?},{Why we shouldn't rush in for relationship?

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After failing in maintaining relationship, then soon we have tendebcy to jump into other,so don't do that think well and take proper step,here are some of the steps which will help you to stop rushing for relationship.

One reason why you shouldn't rush into a relationship is if you've just come out of another one. Rebound relationships rarely succeed, because you are now not with ex and nor you are ready to be with some one.take time from come to terms with a relationship ending before you embark on a new one.

Might be rushing in a relationship you may make wrong choice.because you ended last relationship and you met some one else.

But we don't need to be with someone; we can manage perfectly well on our own. If you find being on your own difficult, you need to learn to cope without a partner - a relationship should enhance your life not be something you can't live without.

Never be in a hurry when a relationship comes to an end always take time,it not good to rush from one onother,you have to go according to changes and learn to adjust and end something that you may think it would be last.leran from the previous experience when you want the relationship.

Witout hurry in a relationship waiting is good for relationshi.its sure that you may not get the hand that you are expecting,so going slow with waiting for some one who is right for you.

If you have been in relation many times in shorter period, then it is the time to handle things being single.his isn't healthy emotionally and realize wather really want to be the needy person who just can't hack being alone, or would you rather be a strong independent woman.

Finally Be diffrent if you are making the same kind of mistakes every time,do you continiously fall in with a guy who is completly wrong for you?so take astep back before yo make the same mistake.try to learn any pattern you can learn not to commit mistakes.

Hope you wont rush in for being into relationship thinks as said in above thaink and take step according,if you are want a long love based relationship.

AW: Arun Kumar

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