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October 15, 2014 10:04
How to make long distance relationship work},{How to make long distance relationship work

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We have no control over whom our heart decides to gets attached. Some of us may fall in love with a person who is geographically located far away. Several complications may arise in such long-distance relationships. But you can tide over them with a little effort and even your long-distance relationship will be like a normal relation. Here are some tips to make your long-distance relationship work.


Communication is vital for any relationship, more so in a long-distance relationship. Try to communicate as often as you can, via phone call or texts. Tell your partner about your day-to-day experience like office events, promotion, salary hike, etc. You can also talk about mundane things like what to cook for dinner, which dress to buy (red or green) or where to go for shopping, etc. If you are constantly in touch with your partner then the physical distance will seem to vanish.

Be reasonable

Inspite of our commitment to our partners we are all humans. Sometimes it's "ok" to be attracted to other people when your partner is absent. No doubt your partner will have fun with friends and it's also natural to get jealous. So make your own circle of friends and do your own set of fun activities. Go out, meet friends, make new friends, enjoy a night out or take an excursion. The activities you share with your friends will be fodder for conversation with your partner. It makes you an interesting person and not boring personality complaining of being lonely and nothing to do.

Attraction is normal

Remember get attracted to another person is natural as your partner is away. But make sure you don't behave impulsivey as it could jeopardize your long-distance-relationship. Be careful as the person you get attracted to may take you seriously. Lay down secific ground rules to avoid future complications. For example, the person could be a visiting student from another country. That way his/her Visa will expire soon and the person will leave the country.

Be honest

Be honest to yourself and your partner if you feel you have fallen out of love. Long-distance relationship can be successful only if you are truly in love with your partner. Getting into such a relationship is easy and it grows strong with time. But if you not in love anymore then it's best to end the relationship. Otherwise it will become frustrating for both of you.

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