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October 06, 2014 09:35
Win her over in the first date},{Win her over in the first date

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Few people get a second chance to do something right in life. Same goes for dating. You have to make an impression on the first date itself. So if you mess up with your first date with this special someone, you may not get the opportunity of a second date. The first date is crutial as you need to make a positive impression on her.

Here are a few tips to make your first date successful

Ladies still like gentlemen

This may be the 21st century, but ladies still prefer a gentleman. So watch your manners. Make sure that you are courteous, speak softly and ask her if she is comfortable. Not only that, you need to be nice to people around you as well, especially the guy who comes to take orders from you. Women like men with a heart, who are compassionate towards others.

Table manners

Watch your table manners. The dinner date may be a casual event, but it's no less formal. Remember you are meeting her for the first time over dinner or coffee. Order only after consulting her as to what she would prefer. Take care while useing your hands, napkins and toothpicks. She is bound to observe you. Women judge table manners of men and rate them as a careful or a particular person.

Inclusive conversation

Make sure that the conversation is not a one-sided affair. Both of you should be in the conversation. Seek her opinion or interest in the topic during the conversation. It's best to let her talk and speak out your opinion in between. Show interest in what she is talking and also make your contribution to it.

Leave the 'Ex' behind

The 'Ex' need not figure in the conversation. But if she asks about your Ex girlfriend then speak about her, but only what is asked. There is no need to talk about your past relation - good or bad - in detail, especially in the first date. There will get plenty of opportunities to explain what went wrong later, if the first date works out.

Leave no ambiguity

If you like her and is interested in furthering the relationship tell her clearly. Also specify that you would want to meet her again. Vague sentences doesn't work in a relationship. And if she also expresses interest in you clearly then it will be appropriate to set a second date with her.

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