5 tips to spice up your relationshipRelationship

June 10, 2014 09:29
5 tips to spice up your relationship},{5 tips to spice up your relationship

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Relationships lose spark as you settle down to a life of happy contentment. Following the same mundane lifestyle makes your relationship unromantic. Your relationship needs a spark to keep it going. Failed relationships have mostly been attributed to a lack of chemistry or spark. As the romance fades out, the partners don't know how to bring back the old flame in their relationship. The partners begin to lead their independent lives, until a time comes when they decide to separate.

Do you still love your partner and would like to rekindle the chemistry? Read on to find out how to bring the zing back into your relationship.

1. Communication is key to your relationship

People with long-term relationship have attributed communication as the key to their success. Communicate with your partner as often as possible via phone calls, texts or emails. Tell your partner that you miss his/her presence. This builds expectation of something good awaiting at home and rekindles the spark missing in your relationship.

2. Give pleasant surprises

Do something that pleased your partner in the initial days of courtship. Surprise her with a bunch of red roses when you return home. Your partner will love it especially since you have been married for many years now. Kiss her in public telling her that she is still precious to you today as she was when you met her. These affectionate actions will ignite the feelings of love that is present in both of you, but has been lying dormant due to the mundane regularity in your lifestyle.

3. Do things together again

Think of the time when you met and did things together. Engage yourself in the same activities that both of you loved. You can also include some new activities. Take a short trip or visit a restaurant you both frequented when you were dating years ago. Indulge in anything that will help you to spend quality time together. These activities will rekindle the love you shared in your courtship days.

4. Special treatment

Give your partner some special treatment. It will help to ignite the spark in your relationship. Take a holiday to a romantic destination or go for a dinner date with your spouse. The special treatment will ignite memories of your dating days.

5. Maintain a positive attitude

Stop making negative remarks if you wish to rekindle the love with your partner. Say positive things. Women can praise their husbands effort he cook dinner while they were busy shopping. Men can compliment their wives on their looks or appearance. The idea is to make her feel that you still love her and she is special. These thoughtful gestures will ignite the spark that has been missing in your long-term relationship.

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