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July 31, 2013 12:22
Tips to make your blind date a success},{Tips to make your blind date a success

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Blind dates can be precarious! But that shouldn't stop you from having fun. Just follow a few thumb rule and you will be good to go.

To begin with, never ever give away your phone numbers or address in the first meeting. You never know, your blind date might end up stalking you every morning, noon and night. So beware! Also, it's not important to take a liking at every person you come across. If the person doesn't match your needs, just end the conversation very politely and amicably. Below are some pointers to help you sail through a blind date smoothly. Take notice.

Be 'realistic': In short, you have to get out of your “Mills & Boons” trip and be realistic. No matter how much your friends or kins vouch for the good looks of your blind date, never be under the illusion that you will find Brad Pitt sitting opposite you. So set no expectations.


Dig for as much info as you can: If your friend or kin has set you on a date, then dig deep for as much information as you can about your 'blind date'. Not only will it give you an idea about the person, but can also help you initiate a conversation, if need be.

Be wary: No matter how well the person turns out to be, be extremely wary of giving away personal information in the first meet. Remember, you don't know much about the person, it's just the first meeting. So avoid giving away personal details like your address or details of your workplace. Also, no matter how much you like the person on the first day, don't give away an invitation or accept his/her invitation until you get to know the other person really well.

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