Growing plants- good for you and your homeHealthy Living

December 21, 2020 11:43
Growing plants- good for you and your home

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Plants are something everybody in the world know about. Its benefits are well known to people. However, their are multiple benefits for growing plants in your home. It benefits the air in your home, the environment and yourself!

This is why you should grow plants or bring plants into your home:

Not only do plants physically enhance the appearance of your home but also has multiple benefits besides looks. Plants boost positive moods, reduces stress, increase creativity and eliminate air pollutants making the air healthier and happier for you.

When you are feeling upset or low, it is amazing how a walk in a park and elevate your mood to the better. Studies have shown that brief exposure to nature can make an individual more cooperative, calm and relaxed.

Indoor air pollution is common with all the pollutants released from paint, walls, concrete, smoke and laminates. Plants clear out these pollutants and refresh the air with fresh oxygen and good humidity.

An interesting fact: Plants reduce stress, fatigue,sore throats and cold and also, reduces noise levels.

Here is how you can grow your own plant with the use of biodegradable material making the whole process eco-friendly from the start to the end.

How to grow plants in a pot:

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Purchase or repurpose containers or pots that are suitable for growing the plants in. The containers should be clean and sterile if you're re-purposing them and don't forget to add saucers for catching the water.

Gauge the size of the container needed according to the height of the plant you're planting, along with any other considerations such as how many plants you'd like to grow per pot.

If you are starting with a plant that is small you will need a pot with a small radius.Also, plants grow at their own pace. Some grow fast and some grow slow. It is important to be patient and keep them in a place where they will get adequate amount of sunlight.

A milk crate can be used – just be sure to line it well or you'll have soil spillage.

Half a barrel for really tall sunflowers. Obviously this will need to sit on a sunny porch or in the garden unless you have a sunny spot free inside the house.

Put the soil into the container, pot or window/porch box. The first layer you need to add is the drainage hole allowing the transport of mineral, water, food and waste. Then you add additional drainage materials such as pebbles, gravel, terracotta pieces, or small pieces of polystyrene foam. Then pour in quality container soil such as a mix of compost and commercial soil mix.

The most important step while catering to plants is to Water it well.Do not add too much or too less.

Give consideration to adding water retaining crystals to ease the amount of watering required and to ensure that the sunflowers will get adequate amounts of water.

Then after adding the soil, you can mix it with compost to make it more fertile for the soil.

Depending on the plant, you can sprinkle the seeds on top or under soil. If it is a stem tpe growth like a rose, then add the stem to the top of the soil in a vertical manner.

Continue to water the plant, provide manure and take genuine good care, make sure you remove bugs or insects which can potential harms the soil.

For additional growth and proper health of the plant, you can add compost from your own home such as food waste to help the plant.

To not keep the plant in a closed area with no sunlight as this can potentially kill the plant, deluding it of all oxygen or sunlight.

Hope this changed your mind to buy a plant and begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

By Meena Atmakuri

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