Homeopathy-true and tested or a myth?Healthy Living

December 21, 2020 10:21
Homeopathy-true and tested or a myth?

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Homeopathy is age old and time tested. If something is fake, based on superstitions, it would not have survived this long. There can always be multiple solutions to a problem. Just because one does not understand it, does not make it fake.

What are the benefits of Homeopathy

To begin with, modern medicines do have side-effects. Some long-term and some short-term. Many of them are addictive. Some, such as, antibiotics show a reduction in their effectiveness after prolonged use, after an initial effectiveness . There is a tendency among some people for quick reliefs. They get exploited by the ones promoting the modern drugs. Such promoters are either ignorant or for their own selfish motives attribute false accusations against homeopathy. Homeopathy does not have any of these qualities as they mostly have herbs and minerals as their original sources and are not man-made chemicals. There is nothing wrong in charging the price it deserves, both with respect to the intricacies of preparation as well as its benefits. Modern medicines are no less expensive. In fact, Homeopathy is relatively cheaper.

What is the basis of its relation to modern medicine

It is based on two fundamental principles. The first one is that the cause could be used as the cure which is also used in the preparation of modern medicines. This principle was also proposed by Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine. Another important principle used in its preparation is that the more dilute the medicine, the more effective it is. It is a proven branch of alternative medicine and individuals with especially chronic ailments have reported benefits from using it.

But is it not superstitious?

Importantly, there are evidences of patients getting cured from Homeopathy when modern medicines did not help. Even if the reason is psychological, it is still worth it. But obviously, all the cases cannot come under this category. One must acknowledge that there must be some truth in the efficacy of these medicines. Also, Homeopathy is equally prevalent among the affluent and educated class. It is not only uninformed people who use Homeopathy. This is a branch of medicine as valid as modern medicine. It is not a faith healing or folk medicine.

It follows that Homeopathy occupies a significant place in the field of medicine and will continue to do so, on par with modern medicine.

By Meena Atmakuri

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