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August 01, 2020 10:06
How long can Coronavirus Last in a Person?

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Experts say that Coronavirus impact will last for decades and the virus is not a two-week disease, it is here stay for long.

Hanna Davis took to twitter to share her coronavirus journey which lasted for over 4 months and says she is still not done with the virus. She says she still suffers from fever daily, severe headaches, tremors and a heart rate of above 150+ and acute arthritis.

There are many people like Hanna suffering from prolonged illness with the virus and many communities of people from the US, Germany and UK have started online support groups to help people understand the prolonged symptoms and help them find solace in isolation.

From March till June, India has seen a crisis due to the coronavirus and its newness. Hospitals were thronged and people were in panic. As the cases rose, PPE kits, and ventilators and with the beds more streamlined, the initial panic among the people has died down.

India has 65% recovery cases and this doesn’t mean any good news. People are seeing the long term effects of the virus lately and that too for months after recovery.

Dr. Suranjit from Apollo hospitals had said that he has been seeing people suffering from the virus for weeks and months and in the more severe cases it lasted for 4 months.

He added that in patients with moderate to severe symptoms, they are suffering from breathlessness even after the recovery.

What are the lingering impacts of the COVID-19?

Mild symptoms:

For people who are detected with mild symptoms, there is a long term impact of fever with about 99 to 100 degrees in patients who have recovered.

There is sustained weakness in the patients too.

Body ache, diarrhea and constipation are also seen in many of the patients for weeks to months.

Mild cough and irritation in the throat can also be expected as a lingering impact of the virus.

Severe symptoms:

For people who have lung issues and caught coronavirus, there will be severe breathlessness for many weeks.

For patients who have been on ventilator for long time, fibrosis of lungs can be expected post recovery from coronavirus.

Cardiac issues like variable pulse rates, inflammation of heart, myocarditis and heart attacks can also be the long term impacts of COVID-19.

Liver issues and severe muscle weaknesses and rarely kidney failure can also be expected as a lingering effect.

While mild patients do have fever as a long term effect kidney failures, severe breathlessness can only be expected in people with prior lung issues, Dr. Suranjit said.

So, the next time you feel a bit weakness or headache after you have tested negative from the virus, don’t panic. These symptoms will subside on their own. Visit a doctor in cases of emergency.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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